Scholarships at USIU University Kenya, 2019

Are you from Africa? Have you done your undergraduate and looking for undergraduate? Find scholarships has gathered some graduation opportunity in Africa for you. Here is one of the top scholarships of 2019 for African Students. The Scholarships at USIU University Kenya, 2019, it is the excellent options of study for the resident of Citizen of Kenya. If you induct in this institute,e you will pursue your educational journey with their top quality and supper one teaching. They want to make a brilliant mind to work for the betterment of their country.
The USIU University Kenya is the private university in Nairobi and Kenya. It is the leading university of east and west Africa. Every their graduate brings positive change in the world and the country.
Find scholarships has some essential information for you about these awards. USIU University Kenya is giving a total of 12 awards to outstanding applicants. Six awards of 1.25% Public Service Scholarships and six for 2.25% of MBA Scholarships. They are offering a masters degree in the field of Counseling Psychology, International Relations and Master of Business Administration (MBA). If you want to do major in one of these subjects, then it is an excellent opportunity for you. Kindly do read the eligibility criteria before applying for these awards. Remember they will not the response to an application after the date of the deadline.


DEADLINE: May 20th, 2019.

HOST INSTITUTE: Academic Scholarships at USIU University Kenya: United States International University (USIU) has given financial support to many students.

DEGREE: graduate degree programme

COUNTRY: Kenya, Africa

FIELD: graduates subjects:

Masters Degrees in

Counseling Psychology

International Relations

Master of Business Administration (MBA)



1.25% Public Service Scholarships

2.25% MBA Scholarships


1.25% MBA Scholarships: 6

2.25% Public Service Scholarships: 6


25% MBA Scholarships: preference will be given to candidates who get  GMAT score 550 or above.

25% Public Service Scholarships: qualified Civil Servants  who want to continue study in international relations and counseling psychology

Have the first degree from the authorized institute with 2.5 GPA or higher on the 4.0 scale or equivalent.
Present the 1700 Graduate Record Examination (GRE) index score or more in International Relations and Counseling Psychology
Provide two written private recommendation letters (Applications accessible from a USIU Admissions office or you can download from their website.)
Present official records from the authorized institutions/ university attended.
You have completed the Graduate Admissions Application Form (Available from the USIU Admissions office or downloaded from USIU’s website).
Applicants for a Public Service Scholarships should provide the permission letter from their immediate head of department or supervisor and the copy of authorization letter.
Masters degree in the Counseling Psychology and International Relations programs have the Single intake/year (September).




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if you feel compatible for these awards then apply right now. the application procedure is easy. The university highly encourages all the students to complete the Free Application form and submit the documents for more information click on apply now. BY CLICKING YOU WILL GET FURTHER DETAIL APPLICATION  FORM TO APPLY.

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