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International scholarships are the platform where we all work in a group for the betterment of humanity and your country. There we learn different things and study innovative ideas. The reason many students prefer international awards s that it is the opportunity to meet people of different cultural background and learn about it. In 2019 there are many non-European scholarships has opened for foreign students. Their purpose is to let others visit their country and learn new things from them and implement them in their homeland. The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships grants awards to exceptionally outstanding students from outside Europe to continue eligible Master’s scholarship Programs given at the University of Amsterdam.

In this particular awards, they focus on the outstanding student around the world. They want to provide an opportunity to top students to pursue the education journey under their umbrella of the renowned University of Netherland.

If we talk about these awards, it is the master degree for the graduate’s students from the non-EU country. Deadline for these awards is 15 Jan/1 Feb 2019 (annual). Do not let these opportunity to slip from your hands; it is the turning point of your educational journey. For more details, you can read under the ” Basic Information About Scholarships.”



DEADLINE: 15 Jan/1 Feb 2019 (annual)

HOST INSTITUTE: the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

DEGREE: Master degree programme for graduate students

COUNTRY: Amsterdam in Netherland

FIELD: Suitable English-Taught Masters Programme awarded in following faculties:

• Child Development and Education
• Communication
• Economics and Business
• Humanities
• Law
• Psychology
• Science
• Social Sciences


SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: The AES is the full award of almost €25,000 (the financial aids are including living and tuition expenses) for one academic year with a possibility of increase for the second year for a two-year Master degree.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


  • The non-EU individual from any field who graduated in a top 10% of their class can apply. The choice is by the academic achievements, goal and the importance of a selected Master’s programme to the student’s career in future.


  • NON-EEA/EU countries


  • Forms are made via the Admissions Offices of a concern Graduate Institute. The individual can find a specific qualification requirement, application instructions and selection criteria on a Graduate School sites. Deadlines for ta AES varies as per the Graduate School but is either 15 January 2019 or 1 February 2019 (this is earlier than the form submission deadline for most of a Master’s programmes).It is necessary to visit am the official site (link mention below) and particular faculty sites (link found under the category of study) for full information on how to apply for these scholarships.

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