DA VINCI Academic Scholarship 2019 for International Students

Are you looking for international scholarships to support your education or undergraduate degree courses in the united kingdom? Here is the opportunity for you. Requests are open for the DA VINCI Academic Scholarship 2019 for leading and outstanding scholars organized by the Kent University

These Academic Scholarship 2019 are open for overseas, UK and EU applicants. There are almost 20 awards in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts in September 2019.

let’s learn about UNIVERSITY OF KENT

The University of Kent is the semi-collegiate public research institute in the united kingdom and serving its duty in the educational field since 1965. It is one of the United Kingdom leading academic institutes giving world-class study and leading the way in many areas of research.

Why should you apply at Kent university?

The university gives students opportunities to learn skills, improve their knowledge, and developed the CV. It also gives a range of work possibilities for scholars. The institute also provides the opportunity to work with the administrative coach on a one to one basis.

What is the career opportunity if you take an undergraduate program?

Completing the undergraduate degree is the opportunity for the applicant to build up a career in engineering, technical, and management knowledge. With an undergraduate degree, you have some career options in many areas.


DEADLINE: June 20, 2019

HOST INSTITUTE: Kent University


FIELD: DA VINCI Academic Scholarship 2019 are available to pursue an undergraduate degree program

TARGETED AUDIENCE: international student

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: The DA VINCI Academic Scholarship 2019 will be awarded worth up to £1,000

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: 20 scholarships


  • To be eligible for the DA VINCI Academic Scholarship 2019, the candidates should meet all the following criteria:
    The awards are available for the international, EU, AND UK student. Candidates must be registered in the undergraduate degree course in the field of Digital Arts and Engineering. candidates must need to offer reasonable duties to raise the external profile of the School of Engineering and Digital Arts


  • All countries


Application Procedure
How to Apply: you can ask for these academic scholarships 2019 online. Interested applicants can request for the awards via an Application Portal

Supporting Documents, The candidates should submit all the following documents, and applicants must require to upload the essay
The word count for the article is 750 not more than it.
Describing how studying your preferred undergraduate course at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts will improve your personal and career development.
Admission Requirements: To be recognized for the awards, the candidates must require to apply for admission to study the course in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts and obtain the following ranks at A level or equivalent:

Biomedical Engineering (UCAS codes 3D9J and 05C3) – AAB
Computer Systems Engineering (UCAS codes H618, H613, H615, and H617) – ABB
Digital Arts (UCAS codes W283, W281, W284, and W282) – AAB
Electronic and Communications Engineering (UCAS codes H607, H619, H608, and H604) – ABB
Multimedia Technology and Design (UCAS codes G4W2 and G4WF) – AAB

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