ECNU Full and Partial Confucius Institute Scholarship for Non-Chinese Students

The Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) is pleased to declare the “Confucius Institute Scholarship” (CIS) at East China Normal University (ECNU) for the year 2019. These are open for Non-Chinese citizens.

For the idea of developing qualified Chinese language scholars and encouraging the promotion of Chinese culture and language , the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) launches “Confucius Institute scholarship” (CIS) to help outstanding scholars, students, and currently hired Chinese language tutors approved by Confucius Institutes, individually operated Confucius Classrooms and some HSK test centers (hereinafter to be all together assigned to as “recommending universities”) to study in Chinese institutes and colleges (hereinafter referred to as the “host institutions”).
For the Award application process and clarity of information kindly go through the entire articles. It is a marvelous opening for Non-Chinese Students.

It is established in Shanghai in October 1951. The East China Normal University (ECNU) is the most prestigious institute in China, and this university is sponsored by the national programs “Project 985 and “Project 211”. With two campuses situated in Putuo and Minhang District, and with the total area of nearby 207 hectares, ECNU has long been famous for the Garden University for its beautiful campus scenes.


DEADLINE: a) April 20th (for those starting in July), b) May 20th (for those starting in September), c) September 20th (for those starting in December) and d) November 20th (for those starting in March 2020).

HOST INSTITUTE: The East China Normal University (ECNU)

DEGREE: Ph.D.’s Degree, Master, and Bachelors Degree



  1. Program for Ph.D.’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (PhDTCSOL)
  2. Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL)

TARGETED AUDIENCE: non-Chinese  citizen

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING:  The Confucius Institute presents a full and partial course. Full consists of tuition cost, accommodation cost, living expanse, and detail medical insurance costs; Partial include the tuition cost, accommodation charges, and comprehensive medical insurance allowance.
The monthly fee for undergraduates, one-educational-year study students, and one-semester scholars is 2,500 CNY /person. For MTCSOL applicants, the monthly grant is 3,000 CNY /person. For PhDTCSOL candidates, the monthly grant is 3,500/per person.
Institue provides the on-campus dormitory with double beds for scholars. Applicants hoping to live off-campus must apply to the institute and get the off-campus approval from the institute. Then the accommodation scholarship for Ph.D. scholars is RMB1,000/month/ person, and other students are RMB700/month/person.
The degree course candidates are subjected to yearly academic performance review. Only those who get outstanding academic achievements in educational and also in Chinese language proficiency are allowed to reach for the following year.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


All applicants should be

a) Non-Chinese citizens

b) In good mental and Physical condition, well accomplished both behaviorally and academically

c) Wanted to take future professions on the international promotion or teaching of Chinese language

d) applicant should be Between the ages of 16-35 on September 1st, 2019. Candidates currently served as Chinese language teachers and shall not pass the age limit that is 45. while undergraduate scholars shall not cross the age limit of 25.


  • The Confucius Institute Scholarship is available for Non-Chinese citizens.


1. For an application for Confucius Institute Scholarship, please log on to ECNU online application form system or click on Apply Now Button

Contact Recommending university:
Confucius classrooms and Confucius Institutes which have been in progress for six months and more

Testing institutes for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK which have the right to suggest Confucius Institute applicants.
III. International organizers of Chinese Bridge Competition: cultural and education offices (groups) of China’s international embassies, Confucius Institute, and related educational universities. For further details, please contact

Host university will review the acceptability of applicants (the interview is needed for ECNU degree course candidates), and Hanban will carry an overall evaluation of all candidates and admit candidates based on the ambitious selection.
After approving with the successful candidates, host institutions will post the Admission documents. The copy of the certificate can be print out from the CIS website.

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