EDUFI Doctoral scholarships, 2019

Post-doctoral studies are the dream of every potential scholar because he wants to be the master of his field. If you are passionate about your field and want to get the academic achievements in these professional areas of interest, then there are many scholarship programs which will be your mentor n this journey. EDUFI is the name of one of those organization which helps you to achieve your goal. The EFI is giving the opportunity of EDUFI doctoral scholarships.

Finish National Education Agency is the organization which works for the national development.EFI is operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The motto of this is to provide an excellent platform for a children education.
This EDUFI Fellowships program is explicitly targeting the too young Doctoral level researchers and scholars from all countries,

The best thing about these awards is that this post-doctoral degree is for all the field of the study for the international student. If you are from Russia, China, India, Chile, Brazil, and North America want to pursue their Doctorate (or Double Doctorate) at the Finnish university then this for you. Because for the national of these countries are on their priority. The important thing which you should consider before applying is about the financial aids and grant. The duration of the award may vary from 12-3 months with a monthly allowance of 1500 euro.


Deadline: Ongoing17 May 2019

Host Institution:  Accredited Finish Host Institutions.

Degree: Ph.D. Degree in all  fields of study

Country: Finland

Field:  All available field for post-doctoral level

Targeted Audience: international student but specifically Russia, China, India, Chile, Brazil, and North America

Scholarships Awards and Funding:  The award period may differ from 3 to 12 months. The monthly grant is 1,500 euros. The scholarship is intended to cover living expenses in Finland for a single person. No additional allowance for housing. EDUFI will not cover ant traveling allowance that s from or to Finland.

Many Scholarships: they have not specified the number of scholarships. But you can visit their online portal to get more detail upon it.


The requirement for applying is that a visiting researcher should have confirmed contacts with the Finnish host university – candidates are also advised to visit Finnish universities’ websites for information on Doctoral level research and study options.

If the Finnish university is ready to host, then the Finnish university department that is hosting you can apply to this award on your account.

There is no specific last date of submission. EDUI will consider your application letter. Remember one thing that forms should be submitted almost five months before the proposed scholarship period.


  • They welcome all countries to pursue their education here. The Russia, China, India, Chile, Brazil, and North America these countries are their priority. If you are from the above mention region, then submit your application right now.


Get your awards now by applying online and check their online link to learn more about the scholarships, grants, and criteria.


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