Emergency Dentists USA 4th Annual $5000 Video Scholarship USA 2019

Are you a college student or a high school student? Would you like to take part in the scholarships? What if the award is a video scholarship? Is this excite you? What will be the more fun way of study? But this scholarship is in the field of Dentistry. If you are interested in the science of dentistry and want to take it as a profession in your future, then this is the best chance for you to avail this opportunity. Emergency Dentists USA Video Scholarships 2019 is happy to publish the 4th Annual $5000 Video award. Emergency Dentist USA has already introduced three video scholarships and this s the 4th one if you missed the previous awards than do not miss the chance this time.

If you are planning to get these scholarships, then remember a few points. These scholarships are for the college student is accessible to the students of all majors, colleges and high schools who are eighter the foreign citizen living legally in the USA and USA citizen. There are a few topics which they have provided. On that topic, you have to make the video and submit it. The topic is “Tell, will you like the superpower and how will you use it to make better dental health among all people.” in short if you become the superpower how will you work for the betterment of the dentistry field and bring awareness among the people. The length of the video should not be more 60 to 120 sec. Find scholarships has mentioned all the details below under the primary information section.


DEADLINE: July 1, 2019

HOST INSTITUTE: they have not mentioned the name of the institute.

DEGREE: college and high school students

COUNTRY: United States

FIELD: Dentistry

TARGETED AUDIENCE: international student

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: $5000.00 annually

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


  • No representatives of Emergency Dentists USA or their family members win scholarships and apply in it. Students of colleges and High schools
    Foreign Citizen living legally in the USA and USA citizen can apply.


  • Foreign Citizen living legally in the USA and USA citizen can apply


The video should be from 60 sec to 120 sec long. They try to make the submission process as easy as possible, so applicants can submit their video to video sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube and send the link to the given address, along with the school information and name, and contact information.

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