Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarships 2019, Univeristy Of Queensland

Have you done your master in public policy? Your next destination in your educational journey is the postgraduate in the field of Public policy. For the resident of Australia and NewZealand, there is an opportunity to win the scholarship for the post graduation. The University of Queensland has opened multiple scholarships in 2019. Among other Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarships, 2019 is one of them.

The University of Queensland is giving the Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarships in the Public Policy. Incorporated in world top 50, the University of Queensland is one of Australia‘s best teaching and research institutions. Do you in its the Australia fifth oldest university giving opportunity and choice in postgraduate and undergraduate learning.

The University of Queensland is here to give you an excellent education – and not just the qualification. It is the institute that will provide you for future progress – globally and locally tomorrow and today.
Find scholarships has gathered complete information about these awards. The Scholarship package is handsomely paid for the maximum duration of two years and will be worth around AUD 140,000.
These awards are open for U.S.and Australian postgraduate students to take the master‘s degree in the area of public policy in the United States or Australia with strong leadership capabilities and academic credentials.


The financial aid that is providing is generous one and will be granted for the maximum two-year duration, and it’s worth is around AUD 140,000.
Benefits include:
establishment, travel and living allowances
Tuition fees (up to the set limit)
National Orientation Course and the Fulbright Presentation Dinner
Unique professional network with the S. and Australian Fulbright Alumni Associations
The support agency in the U.S. that aids with networks, events, and visa.
publicity and Media support
ASPE medical insurance almost AUD 100,000 (for the student only)


what career you can choose?

In private business and companies, as a tax examiner, budget analyst or as the consultant, budget analyst and tax examiner they can work if they have a master degree in Public Administration.
With the master’s degree in the field of public policy, the scholar can also continue the jobs in the private sector and work as the marketing manager, human resource manager, consultant, and legal counselor.


Deadline: July 15, 2019.

Host Institute: the University of Queensland, Australia

DEGREE: postgraduate degree program

COUNTRY: Australia

FIELD: you may win scholarships in public policy. These might cover key areas such as health, sustainability, energy, climate change, regional security, education, political science, history or governmental relations.

Targeted Audience: NZ and Australian Citizen

Scholarships Awards and Funding: $140,000 (approximate)

Many Scholarships: not mentioned


To be eligible, the candidate should meet the given criteria:
To participate in these scholarships 2019, the candidate should be Australian postgraduate students starting the master’s degree in a field of public policy. Candidate cannot hold dual US-Australian citizenship and may be qualified to apply for more than one award.


  • Australian citizens, Australian Permanent Residents, and NZ citizens are eligible to apply



Applications must be completed and submitted via the online portal. the application process is simple. Click on “Apply Now.”  do visit their official website for detail information.

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