Ghent University Scholarships 2019

International scholarships are always the best way to pursue your dream of higher education. Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2019 open several options for competent students to reach the peak of their field. There are many scholarships for developing the countries by which they can bring prosperity to their homeland. In the 2019 year, Ghent University also opens Master Mind International scholarships. This time Ghent University with the collaboration of its “Special Research Fund” (BOF) gives P.h.D. awards. If you want to pursue to carry out half of the P.h.D program in the institute in developing country and the half in Ghant University, then do apply for it.

Ghent University is one of the leading institutes of Belgium in Ghent. This university come under top 100 universities. Their 11 faculties propose a broad range of programs and offer research in the various scientific domain. This university is also the first European institute in the Songdo Global University Campus in South Korea.

Find scholarships has some info about these awards. Ghent University along with other partner universities in developing countries are hosting these awards. They have not mentioned the particular number of international scholarships they are giving, but you can visit their website by clicking on the “Apply now” button at the end of the post. Remember the d3eadlne for application submission is 4 March 2019 (annual), and the course will start from October 2019.



DEADLINE: 4 March 2019 (annual)

HOST INSTITUTE: Ghent University and other partner universities in developing countries.


COUNTRY: Developing countries

FIELD: – Ph.D. Programmes at the University

TARGETED AUDIENCE: Student from developing countries


At the partner, the university in the south will carry out the 24 months Ph.D. research program, through this award you will get no grant. The partner institution in the South will fund this part of the study(24 months) e.g., e.g., local Ph.D. scholarship or salary.

• This University promoter gets the bench fee around €15.440 to include (part of) an operational cost, also some part of the traveling expenses of the students and the local promoter and Ghent University.



Before applying for the Ph.D. awards at Ghent University students Always need to find a professor from Ghent University.
The vital thing the applicant should keep in mind before applying for these awards he or she should look for the professor at the host institute. The professor will supervise your research program. He should agree to support the applicant applies.
The best way for this is to look at their research directory for professor and research topics.

the supervisor at a partner institute, sponsor at Ghent University and the candidate should submit the proposal jointly.

There is no restriction on a fled of research but topically related to development is on priority

• Applicants have a nationality and come from developing countries.

• There should be a guarantee that an applicant will be able to work on the Ph.D. program for 24 months (full time). Candidate should follow the following conditions.

There should be the local Ph.D. supervisor at the research center or partner institute in the South;
You have to produce the written statement that candidate is either the supported fulltime Ph.D. scholar or the staff member at the partner university. The candidate will only focus on the Ph.D. program he cannot teach during this period.
This statement must also specify that the applicant gets the salary for 24 month period or local Ph.D. scholarship when doing the Ph.D. at the associate university in the South.
• This co-funding is only for students who want to take the (joint ) Ph.D. degree at Ghent University.


  • Developing countries


It is essential to visit an official site (click on “Apply Now” ) to obtain the forms and for detailed info on the application process for these awards. Candidate should submit the application form before the deadline.

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