Laval University, Hydro-Québec Admission Scholarship

Every year you have seen only a bunch of universities who offer both undergraduate and graduate level scholarship programs. This year the Laval University is open the awards for both undergraduate and graduate level programs. If you need some financial help with your education, then this is an excellent opportunity for you. They are offering $ 1,000 – DESS $ 2,000 – for Bachelor degree and $ 3,000 – $ 5,000 for master degree. If you have an outstanding academic record in your high school, then do not let this Laval University, Hydro-Québec Admission Scholarship to slip from your hands.

Do you know that Laval University is a French language research institute? It is an ancient university founded by Queen Victoria in Canada. It is the world famous university because it provides excellent training and education to the student around the world. On and off the open scholarships for international students because they aim to work for the betterment of humanity and our motherland.

The motto of this award Hydro-Québec Admission Scholarship is to educate the individual and create the model citizen to mentor the society a become the leader of the business, scientific discoveries and much more. There are several internatonal scholarships for you if you have found your field of study than apply for it.


Deadline: 15 February 2019

Host Institute: Laval University is requesting forms for graduate/ UnderGraduate Scholarship for the International Students to continue their study in Canada 2019.
Laval University is the public research, French-language in the Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. the Great  Queen Victoria s the founder of this university in 1852.

DEGREE: graduate/ UnderGraduate


FIELD: any subject

Targeted Audience: international student

Scholarships Awards and Funding:  $ 1,000 – DESS $ 2,000 – Bachelor $ 3,000 – Master $ 5,000)

Many Scholarships: several


  • Maintain the minimum average:
    – Applicants who demand an undergraduate scholarship should have an R score of 31. if applicant Rscore is above and equivalent in their previous university studies.
    – Applicants who ask for the graduate scholarship should have an average of 3.67 or above ( equivalent) in their last undergraduate education.
    • Applicants must have appealed been, and for acceptance into the eligible program, fora fall 2019 semester (a scholarship might not be moved forward to the next semester).
    • Be registered full time at the Université Laval in a program and semester of study for which the scholarship is given.


  • all countries


  • find scholarships has brought you the top awards for both international and national students along with details and online form. you can click on the button apply now for the application form. fill the form online and submit it. By clicking on apply now you can also get access to the official website of the university.

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