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Currently, there are several Global Scholarships in 2019. These awards are offering free scholarships or a part in the various field of study if you are looking for arts, science, and technology at any other specific area of research you will find Global awards. If your primary area of interest s mathematics, not you want to pursue your undergraduate degree in the field, then there is a Mathematics Global Scholarships. The University of Waterloo is providing ten scholarships to the incoming undergraduate students registered in the program in a Faculty of Mathematics (excepting Financial Management Software Engineering ). These awards are not for an only Canadian citizen or people of the specific region it is the international scholarships for a brilliant mind.

The University of Waterloo’s Mathematics department teaches Pure maths, applied maths, and much more. This institute is also giving Michael and Ophelia Lazaridis Olympiad Scholarships in the mathematics field.

The Global mathematics scholarships by the University of Waterloo has opened ten awards. they are providing financial aids of almost $12,000 to $25,000. If your academic year is starting from 2018-2019, then you can apply for these fabulous scholarships. If you show a positive attitude towards the study and demonstrate your approach to follow the Mission of your university, then you can get this award.


DEADLINE: February 4, 2019

HOST INSTITUTION: The University of Waterloo is Canada’s top teaching and institute. We aim for perfection via the creation, application, transfer, and preservation of knowledge. almost more then a century, we have worked and educated with exceptional people to give knowledge leadership for the better world

DEGREE: undergraduate program


FIELD: Mathematics

Targeted Audience: international student

Scholarships Awards and Funding: $12,000 to $25,000

Many Scholarships: approximately 10


  • candidates’ admission to a program and, the priority of a college is considered.
    Open for students beginning (Academic Year 2018-19)
    Good character demonstrated characters of positive attitudes and leadership and followed the university, mission.
    Candidate needs to be an international student.
    Be able to manifest financial need.
    Have acquired the actual proposal of admission for the academic year( 2018-2019).
  • All candidate must complete an application form and specify the program.


  • All counteries


If you are an international with a positive approach towards your education then these awards are for you. by the simple method, you can apply for these grants. firstly the applicant can apply online apply online and secondly, he or she submits all the relevant documents at the international student office of the university. if you want to apply online and get more info about t kindly click on “APPLY NOW.”

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