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in 2019 scholarships for Germany is the one that every student is looking. Started in 2011, the National Scholarship Programs support extremely motivated exceptional students. With this action, the German federal government focus at establishing the new culture of helping and giving education by companies, individuals and foundations. The financial aid you will get initially is about 300 per month if we talk about their financing procedure 50% public funding and 50% finance by public fund. Federal funds (50 %) and private funds raised by HHL sponsors (50 %). The individual sponsor can increase this initial amount.

The Director of Financial Aid of HHL sponsors the annual number of scholarships.
The National Scholarship Program began at the beginning of the fall semester 2011 and remained on the semester basis. The scholarship needs a formal application.

Learn about HHL Scholarships: 

For the outstanding students, to cover living expenses in Germany (foreigners have to present financial resources of EUR 735 per month to get the student visa), HHL has built several links to the governmental organization, companies, and private sponsors. These close relationships will encourage students to fund their stay in Germany. Also, they recommend all international candidates for one of their programs to communicate related national agencies in a particular home country. A lot of foreign governments have their scholarship programs to help the stay of their students outside their homeland.

Their track records prove that the master degree from HHL will present you with excellent career opportunities that will make your economic venture well worthy. However, they are aware of the fact that continuing the master program at HHL needs serious responsibility and via financial planning. To help to make brilliant student study at HHL possible, they give various options to support your living cost.


DEADLINE:  June 1-30 for the Fall term (September) and February 1-28 for the Spring term (April).
The duration of a scholarship is 12 months. The scholarship is renewable on application.


DEGREE: Diploma at the end you will get the certificate

COUNTRY:  Germany

FIELD: programs which HHL is offering. kindly visit the official website by clicking on the “Apply Now.”

TARGETED AUDIENCE: Anyone approved by their local Rotary District.

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING:    Federal funds (50 %) and private funds raised by HHL sponsors (50 %)along with the financial aids, scholarship holders get the certificate mentioning the name of the award, its amount, its prerequisites,  and duration. The certificate also covers the logos and names the donors.



Selection Criteria
The Academic performance: HHL candidates must have the GMAT score: 650 minimum; currently registered HHL students should have attained the GPA of at least. 1.60 in a degree program.

B) student should present any previous particular prizes, awards, and successes

C) the non-professional or non-university commitment such as the university or political involvement, social, community, voluntary work

D) Particular family or personal circumstances such as the illness and disability, care of children, especially as the single parent, or close families to care, work in family business, current employment, migrant background or family background.

If you do not meet the application criterion A) is the rejection criterion, criteria B) to D) will be judged by the selection board, provided the applicant in English or German adequately describes them. If the documents you have not submitted in the mentioned language then kindly attach the translation.

The exclusion standard for giving the scholarship is performance-based financial aids from the domestic or foreign universities or colleges in case it exceeds the monthly average of EUR 30 per semester.


  • All Countries


Contact for Students
Frank Hoffmann
Assoc. Dean, Director International Relations
Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig – Germany

Contact for Companies
Martina Beermann
T +49 341 9851-887

It is necessary to read the entire application guidance and visit the official site (Click “APPLY NOW”) for full data on how to apply for this fellowships.

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