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Do you have non-EEU/EEA passport? Is your previous degree is outside the Netherland? Then there is the opportunity for you to continue your studies on in the renowned University of Europe. University in Europe brings multiple scholarships for the graduate student to get excellence in their field. The Radboud Scholarships Programme in Netherland gives the chosen number of talented and outstanding non-EEA students an opportunity to receive the financial aids to pursue the complete English-taught Master’s degree programme at Radboud University. Many

The Radboud Scholarship Programs gives some fixed number of skilled and talented non-EEA students the chance to get the scholarship to continue the complete English-taught Master’s degree courses at the Radboud University. The Radboud Scholarship is very particular, and these awards are only for outstanding students if you have achieved the exceptional results in your previous academic years and have potential to learn new things then this awards is for you.

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DEADLINE: 1 March 2019 (annual)

HOST INSTITUTE: Radboud University.

DEGREE: Master degree programme for graduate students.

COUNTRY: Netherland

FIELD: the English-taught Masters Degree Programme given by the Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of art, Theology & Religious Studies, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Law and Faculty of medical sciences.

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The awards will be used to decrease your tuition charges to € 2,078 and pay for insurance and visa. For example, the grant holder in 2019/2020 will give the tuition charge of €2,078, instead of €11,466 or €12,640.

Also, the Radboud Scholarship also includes charges such as those for the residence permit, visa, health and liability insurance(Insurance Passport for Students (IPS)).

*The Radboud Scholarship is not the full scholarship and does not cover living costs.

In the case of the two-year programme: to fit for a grant during a second year, you must have to pass all courses in the first year.



  • the candidates are only eligible to get the Radboud Scholarship if they: have a non-EEA/EEU passport
    they do not qualify for a lower EEA tuition expense for other causes
    If candidates have the Bachelor’s degree obtained outside the Netherlands, have achieved no degree in the Netherlands. Applicants can comply with conditions for getting the visa for the Netherlands you register your self at Radboud University as the full-time student for an academic year a Master degree program for which you will get the grant.


  • NON-EEA.EEU countries


  • The form for admission and the grant is thoroughly combined, and there is no separate process for it. The applicant applies for the Radboud awards by registering during r application for admission. You should have finished your form for admission through the online application system.

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