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The government of China always works for the betterment of international affairs with other countries around the world. By the mean of trade and education, they develop relationships with them. They also introduce the awards with collaboration between different countries. This year China has several open scholarships for international students. Some are of Bachelor’s level, and some are Master lever. You can also find fully-funded and partial funded china scholarships. In 2029 China Government has also introduced the Bilateral scholarships. This Scholarship-Bilateral Program is a positive step towards encouraging positive international affairs. Bilateral Program covers the partial or full scholarship organized by MOE by educational exchange agreements or agreement between Chinese government and governments of other countries, university, colleges, institutions or international organizations.

They have not mentioned any specific university who is hosting these awards. But you can visit their website online and learn more about these awards in details: the eligibility criteria and the number of scholarships they have all mentioned in detail on their site. But the find scholarships has collected all the necessary information for you. The reason this basic information is that you can make up your mind about these awards. If you want to apply for this, kindly click on the “Apply Now” button.



DEADLINE: Applicant needs to apply between early January and early April. Please consult the dispatching authorities for the specific deadline of each year.

HOST INSTITUTE: universities who are offering it. Kindly call or email them.

DEGREE: Bachelors, Master, and Ph.D.


FIELD: all subjects which universities offer

TARGETED AUDIENCE: Scholarships are available for Non-Chinese citizens


The Bilateral Program provides both full scholarships and partial scholarships. Please refer to Introduction to CGS—Coverage and Standard for full detial about  each item.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


1. candidate must be the citizen of the country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in excellent health.

2. The conditions for candidates’ age and degree are that applicants must:

undergraduates: candidates should be-be the high school graduate, and he should be under age under the age of 25.

bachelor’s degree holder: 35 years for Master program.

master’s degree holder: should be under 40 when applying for a doctoral program;

he should be under the age of 45. have the high school diploma (or higher) when asking for general scholar programs;

he should be the master’s degree holder or the associate professor: 50 age when applying for the senior scholar programs.


  • International students except for Chinese


Step 1 – Apply to dispatch authorities for the international study of your homeland for CGS opportunity;

Step 2 – Apply to target institute for a Pre-admission Letter once recommended by the dispatching authorities . as the eligible applicant (you will get the Award Letter for CGS Candidate);

Step 3 – Complete an online application procedure at CGS Information Management System for International Students (Visit or and click “Application Online” to log in). Kindly submit online the full Form for Chinese Government Scholarships, and also print the hard copy. You should consult the dispatching authorities for the international study of your homeland for Instructions of CGS Information Management System for International Students and Agency Number;

Step 4 – Submit all documents to the dispatching officials of your homeland before the deadline.


Eligible candidates are those, Only candidates of recommended applicants from expressing authorities. Candidates having the Pre-admission Letter will be placed in the host institute; those without the Pre-admission Letter should accept CSC’s placement of university.

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