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Scholarships in China is the best opportunity for the seeker of knowledge to ease their thirst of education. This year Universities and various institutes of China Open several international scholarships for international students. These scholarships are for every level like undergraduate, master degree level, and Ph.D. OU CAN VISIT THOSE SCHOLARSHIPS AtFIND SCHOLARSHIPS to learn about the fields and criteria. The current scholarship we are discussing is the Siemens China Scholarship. The Siemens China awards available at Tsinghua University for overseas graduate scholars. These scholarships support brilliant international students to continue Ph.D. degrees in various fields at Tsinghua University.

Through the practice and study at the forefront of the industrial technology development program, Scholarship holder will lay the groundwork for the growth of excellent talents in the industry.

Tsinghua University is the major do research institute in Beijing. This university is also a member of the elite C9 League of Chinese institute. They work for academic excellence, encouraging the well-being of Chinese society, and global growth and development.

Find scholarships has gathered a few points which will help you in getting these awards. There is not one scholarship they are multiple, and you can get these awards in the capital of China that is being. For the eligibility criteria and application procedure kindly read the whole articles.


DEADLINE:  For all applications is March 1st, 2019

HOST INSTITUTE: Tsinghua University

DEGREE: graduate degree programme

COUNTRY: Beijing, China

FIELD: The scholarships will be awarded for Ph.D. degrees in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Academy of Arts & Design, School of Software, Department of Automation, Department of Electrical Engineering and other related departments or schools at Tsinghua University.

TARGETED AUDIENCE: International students

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: Tuition fees are almost40,000 RMB per year, Living allowance that includes accommodation, medical insurance, books or other materials and transportation, etc.): 160,000 RMB per year in total cost.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: multiple awards are available


Read the Eligiblity Criteria Carefully before applying for these awards.

Candidates for these international Scholarships should satisfy all the requirements:
Meet the needs of admission for overseas graduate students. Full information relates to an Admission to Graduate course of Tsinghua University 2019.
Students must apply to the school/department.
he or she should recognize Siemens Values, and he must be ready to work together with the Siemens to carry out the research program and work,
Applicants should not apply for other kinds of scholarships for study at Tsinghua University.


  • all countries around the world.


Submit the application before the deadline along with all documents. for more details regarding the scholarship click on the “Apply Now” button. first, read the eligibility criteria, and read scholarship awards and funding.


The candidate must read this introduction thoroughly, and make sure that he meets the qualifications of the awards.

Via‘Upload Application Documents-Others’ kindly upload the application document,
Application for Siemens Chinaawardsv
Foreigner Physical Examination Form: you will keep The original copy., Chinese healthy quarantine departments print the form uniformly.

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