Kent Scholarships 2019

Here is another opportunity for international students to study one of the old civilization of the world. The Kent Scholarships 2019 the best option for you. University OF KENT Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies holds one of the largest groups of experts in Roman History and Archaeology with experts in Egypt, Rome Pompeii, as well as in the field of artifacts and medicine. The students will spend their first term at the institute’s beautiful campus overlooking the Medieval and Roman city of Canterbury. This city is one hour from London. While in Canterbury, you get training in research skills in both archaeology and Roman History

Little information about Roman Civilization:

Roman civilization is the oldest one, and it had produced one of the biggest empires of an ancient world. As per the history, the Roman Empire had the most superior technologies of the ancient world. It was producing main architectural artistic and cultural achievements. The large remnants left behind to allow us to understand and recreate the Roman culture thousands of years later.


at Kent’s Rome School of Classical and Renaissance Studies, at the campus of the American University of Rome, you will study the second term where the student studies the museums and sites of ancient Rome. All teaching program is in the English language. The experience of studying and staying in Rome they brings into focus perspectives and ideas of the ‘Eternal City.’

Kent scholarships 2019 is the perfect programme for the graduates of history, ancient history, classics or the extensive humanities, wanting to get the practical experience in applying their benefit and expertise t from the confidence and experience gained from studying and living overseas.


DEADLINES: May 31, 2019

HOST INSTITUTION: University of Kent

DEGREE: Master degree

COUNTRY: Rome Italy

FIELD: History of Art –

TARGETED AUDIENCE: all student around the world


The University of Kent at Rome Scholarship Fund

The applicant who is taking scholarships at the University Of Kent for an MA program in Ancient History of Rome: £20,000 for September 2019 entry.

International Scholarships for MA program: £8,000 total value

ForAViVA SCHOLARSHIPS: 20% of on the tuition fee



The candidate must be assessed as the overseas fee payer
the applicant should have received the unconditional offer of the place on such the degree program or the conditional offer with the deposit as the only remaining condition.
The University should have received the confirmation of an applicant’s acceptance of an unconditional offer.

Be citizens of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan or Vietnam
On the basis of overseas fee payer they asses the awards.
Have applied for a taught master’s degree
The applicant or his/her parent/legal guardian must also be a current Aviva policyholder


all countries are eligible.
For AVIVA scholarships: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan or Vietnam


You should show the acceptance of scholarships after you receive the email regarding your award confirmation. If you do not intimate us about the acceptance, your scholarship will be terminated and given to the other applicant.


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