Universita Cattolica Master Scholarships

Study in Italy, it is not always cost effective. But Italy has a fantastic and leading European Institute which is the dream of every single person. This year universities of Italy has open many international scholarships for non-European students. The current awards we are talking about is the Universita Cattolica Master Scholarships. The University of Cattolica is among the other top institute of Italy and Europe. This institute aims to provide an encouraging environment to the outstanding student around the world to work together and deliver their best to the world and their homeland. This international scholarships they have introduces for the benefit of the world.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, also know known as the UCSC or UNICATT or Cattolica is the Italian top private research institute. This university is offering its services since 1921. University Cattolica, with its five affiliated schools, is the only largest private Institue in Europe and the number one largest Catholic University in the world.

Find scholarships have gathered some necessary information for you. This award is for the master level degree, and univerisUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is hosting these awards.the financial Aids you will get is in the form of education in total cost of the tuition fee.


DEADLINE: Updated payments and deadlines instructions for the academic year 2019/2020 will be available as of May 2019.

HOST INSTITUTE: Universita Cattolica

DEGREE: Master degree programme


FIELD: all subjects offered by the Institute

TARGETED AUDIENCE: student from all countries

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: The students living outside the European Union and its associated states the tuition fee is flat. The full tuition is around cost € 8540 per year. Discount includes 30% of the entire cost. When an applicant receives the email about admission, they will notify about awards too. The annual tuition cost to graduate students who get the UCSC International scholarships are € 5750.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


The students living outside the European Union and its associated states the tuition fee is flat. The full tuition is around cost € 8540 per year.

if candidates request the “UCSC International Scholarship” while filling out an online application form the tuition fell will reduce.
The UCSC International awards are the annual tuition cost reduction favored by Università Cattolica to encourage the access of overseas students.

from year to year scholarships will extend.

Successful applicants should maintain full-time registration to finish their program on time. Must the applicant be unable to graduate on the expected date, all extra costs will be at the student’s expense.

In case students get the other forms of financial support (accommodation and scholarships given by EDUCatt), he will not get the UCSC International Scholarship


  • International students


Kindly submit the application form before the deadline. the application process is not difficult. it is the annual scholarship. remember the deadline date and apply before it. before applying read the eligibility criteria and financial aids they are offering. if you agree with the criteria then click on “Apply Now” button. for more information do visit their official website by click on “Apply Now.”Apply Button

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