University of Bologna Scholarships, 2019

As we know, Europe is the vast continent and has many leading universities and institutes its lap. Taking a degree from Europe is the dream of thousands of students. Do you have excellent academic achievements records in your high school? Is yes then this year there are many international scholarships has opened for academically sharp students. The top university of Italy is opening awards for the potential students. The University of Bologna International Scholarships, 2019 is for one of the academically brilliant minds. These are the free scholarships for you. The University of Bologna scholarships study awards and full tuition fee refusals to best overseas students. It is for those who want to enroll for the First, Single, and Second Cycle Degree course at the University of Bologna for the academic year of 2019/2020.

The University of Bologna is one of the top institutes if Italy when coming to academic achievements. It is the oldest university in Europe. Since 1088 it is delivering its educational service to the land of Europe. It offers various degree programs, bachelors course, and P.h.D. research programs. They also provide a teacher training program. This university has diversity n itself. If you make it to these awards, them ts means you are in the ocean of knowledge.

Find scholarships has summarized some vital info regarding these awards. They are offering 25 scholarships. If you want to learn about the specific number of grants for first, single and second cycle, then read the heady “Scholarships Awards And Funding.” whatever your nationality you can apply for these awards but do not forget to read below-mentioned eligibility criteria of these awards. As you these are the free scholarships, the financial aids there are offering is around €11.059. but for the complete detail read the heading “Basic Information About Scholarships.” Remember application after the deadline will not entertain by the university.



DEADLINE: 29 Mar/30 April 2019 (annual)

HOST INSTITUTE: University of Bologna, Italy

DEGREE: Master and Bachelor degree program


FIELD: First, Single and Second Cycle Degree Programmes offered at the University.

TARGETED AUDIENCE: the international students who get a previous degree from the university outside Italy.


Unibo Action 2|: study allowance for one year is around €11.059, the total of all costs for a beneficiary’s account.

Each Unibo Action 1 waiver is awarded for one academic year only. The student who is wavier should pay the €157.64 in taxes, insurance, and duty stamp.


• Five study awards worth € 11.059 each (Unibo Action 2). The full waivers of tuition fee for the total amount of worth €20.000 (Unibo Action 1). It is for the First and Single Cycle degree courses.

• Twenty study awards worth €11.059 each (Unibo Action 2). The waivers of full tuition cost for the total amount of €100.000 (Unibo Action 1). It is for the Second Cycle degree courses.


The application is accessible exclusively to applicants who:

1) hold qualifications for the admission to a chosen Single or First Cycle programme. It issued by the university outside the Italian or in the Italian institute that is outside Italy. But remember after attendance of 2 years. If qualification for admission is the one-year title, they are eligible for it.

If the qualification from the Republic of San Marino does not satisfy the requirements, then they can not apply regardless of citizenship.

2)you should meet the requirements for the degree program you are applying.

3) you can apply if you are not the student of for it. The University of Bologna for First, Single or Second Cycle programmes. Important! Students who are students career ends by 2017-18 can’t apply for it,

4) applicant who has not benefited from the Unibo Action 2 grant or the Unibo Action 1 waiver

5) if you are not 39 years of age or above till the deadline then you can apply.


  • All countries around the world


You must submit the applications by 29 March 2019 for Second Cycle Programmes. For First or Single Cycle Programmes submit the form before 30 April 2019. You can apply via student online. Visit their official website by clicking on the “apply now” button for more details and application form.

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