University of Westminster Distant Horizons Awards in UK, 2019

Is the UK your dream destination for higher education? Did you decide to give up your school because of financial issues? There are multiple awards for these students who need financial aid to live their passion for studies. The University of Westminster is gratified to present the Distant Horizons Awards for undergraduate students who want to take part in employability-related or academic-related events activities or events overseas. It is your potential who will make you through these awards. There is no restriction of region or race for these awards. It is international scholarships for all students around the world.

Learning abroad s the experience which is far different than the traditional undergraduate’s programs. It makes you gain knowledge about the cultures of other countries. There you meet people from various regions and exchange your views. This Distant Horizons award increases career perspective.

Find scholarships have gathered some info for you about Distant Horizons Awards. This scholarship includes the travel expanse of the students ( like international transportation whether it is trains or flight.) the participation fee( like registration and conference fee). Accommodation allowance is also present n the grant. Remember one thing about this grant the regular expanse of a student and everyday travel coast is not the part of the scholarship.


DEADLINE: March 8, 2019.

HOST INSTITUTE: UW University aims to help pupils from various backgrounds fulfill their educational potential. This university assists almost 19,000 students on their postgraduate, undergraduate and professional programs.

DEGREE: undergraduate  degree programme


FIELD: any degree course or program

TARGETED AUDIENCE: international student

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: award Up to £1,500.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


  • the student who is studying at the University of Westminster get access to undergraduates to travel scholarships.the willThe travel should complete by 31 August 2019 and take place internationally.
    The abroad project should be at least five days long. Erasmus+ award recipients are ineligible for the grant.


  • International students


  • Make the strong case that travel will help you either in career or academically. Proof of expenses should be produced.
    Priority will be provided to the students who:
    taking part in the semester
    year abroad program
    getting Distant Horizons Award ( first time)
    are not turning to their homeland for an overseas activity.
    To promote overseas mobility to the groups that are statistically less prone to undertake actions, the University also has some ring-fenced supplies within the Distant Horizons.
    Students will self-select to be granted for these supplies – evidence of eligibility might be asked at the later date if the application form is successful.

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