What are the 5 mistakes you usually make when applying for international scholarships?

What are the 5 mistakes you usually make when applying for international scholarships?

No rejection and get international scholarships

Are you fed up from the endless rejections from the international scholarships? According to you, everything seems alright but still faces rejection. We understand constant rejection low you moral towards these international scholarships.

When applying for the scholarships, you always make sure that you follow the proper channel, but you are still doing something wrong. To avoid this situation here is a few tips and tricks for you. Here we have those 5 mistakes you usually make when applying for the international scholarships.

1. Do you unable to answer the straight International scholarships questionnaire?

There is one common mistake that everyone makes when applying for international scholarships. The errors that limit your chance of getting the award is failing to answer or address the fellowships straight questions. If you are the one who is applying for multiple grants ( read What Are The 10 Things You Should Consider For Applying For International Scholarships),  you may be motivated to use the same essay every time, or present the personal statement that you used for institute applications. But the panel evaluating the award essays will be looking out for submissions which solve the question set – so it is best to invest the time in creating the new piece for every scholarships application.

2. Do you miss the fellowship deadline?

It is the mistake which one should never make; sadly it is the truth most of the scholarships seeker end up missing the last date of application submissions. Trust me! It dramatically reduces the chance of tour getting the fellowships, and your chances decrease to Zero. yes, it is understandable that it is difficult to make your application on time when you are asking for multiple awards.

The strategy that you should is that start preparation before the awards deadline (try to make at least a year before the awards). After creating the schedule so you can easily organize workload and prioritize the urgent submissions

3. There should be no “TYPO” mistakes

For some scholarship seeker, Typo mistakes are of no big deal, but the bitter truth is that it does make a significant difference when you are applying or scholarship programs. Your application letter will leave a negative impact on the reader and reduces your chances of getting the awards.  Never make mistakes like words, missing punctuation, grammatical errors or spelling, even glitches in a layout such as the inconsistent front size. find the willing family member, mentor or a friend with the right eye for details and ask them to proofread your application letter before you submit it.

4. Are you unable to grab the reader attention?

Even if you have correctly answered the all fellowships essay question, and deleted every minor error from the text, there’ is another challenge that you should address: the quite number of applications from each organization will get. To be in with the opportunity of standing out from a crowd, you must to be sure your application letter clutches the reader’s attention and make him/her read the entire letter. Kick off with the catchy statement, and make sure your text is interactive throughout. Remember! Always Keep the paragraphs short and well-relevant, and make it great via the incorporation of relevant info, examples or quotes.

5. Read the eligibility criteria before writing the application letter

There are several international scholarships around the world; some might attract you. But it doesn’t mean that you are eligible for them. Shifting through these scholarships and find out which one is best for you is the hectic task and you might feel about sending the application letter before going into the eligibility criteria. For you, there is an easy solution for you. Visit the online scholarship portal that is Find scholarships where you can sort the awards as per your need with simple to read eligibility criteria.

Unfortunately,  if you apply for the awards you are ineligible then you success rates is zero ( do not blame your luck here). Before making the world top application letter make use of wards listing and database to identify schemes matches your profile.

I am not applying at all!

A remarkable number of scholars do not apply for international scholarships at all, due to the misconceptions and plethora of myths. Often, students think that they would not stand the chance of benefit, that the method will take too long, or that there is not the scheme out there to match their ambitions and background. But when we talk to international scholarship winners, their common piece of advice is to remember that everyone else starts with the same doubts – and to continue in trying anyway. So: apply, apply, and apply!

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