WMF Empowerment Through Education Scholarships 2019

Developing countries have the gem in their homeland. All they need is the opportunity. There are organizations that every year open awards for the students of developing countries. They provide then financial aids to pursue their educations. Some offers for scholarships undergraduate students and some for graduate students. But this year the Well Mount Foundation has college scholarships for emerging countries citizens. The WMF Empowerment through Education scholarships grants undergraduate financial aids to the developing country nationals to study in their homeland or the bordering country.

The brief introduction to WMF

Wells Mountain Foundation works to bring social change via community building and education by giving the bright young student in the developing region of the world with skills training and scholarships and building the network of grassroots leaders who are work for the community transformation. The Well Mount Foundation believes in the importance and power of social service; therefore, all awards participants are asked to volunteer for a minimum of a hundred hours a year.

Find scholarships has summarized some necessary points for you regarding these awards. There is not any particular hos institute. There is a total of 20 to 40 scholarships. Details about the grants and funding kindly read the entire post.


DEADLINE: 1 April 2019 (annual)

HOST INSTITUTE: Your choice of institution in your homeland or any other developing country

DEGREE: Bachelor degree

COUNTRY: any developing country

FIELD: Bachelor’s Degree scholarship programs in any area of the subject but forms are forwarded from those enthusiastic in continuing degrees that will best help their local societies –
Medicine & health sciences,
community development,
social work
information technology

TARGETED AUDIENCE: students from under developing countries

SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDS and FUNDING: ETE grants vary from USD 300 to USD 3000 yearly and are given throughout the undergraduate course of the individual. The average award amount is almost $1400. These scholarships can be used for tuition and fees, books and materials, and room rent to get academic achievements.

MANY SCHOLARSHIPS: not mentioned


  • WMF’s ideal applicant is the student, female or male, from the country in a developing world, that:• Successfully finished the secondary education, with good to outstanding grades
    • Will be studying in their state or neighboring country in a developing world
    • they have the plan to work and love in their homeland after they graduate
    • Has volunteered before asking for this award and is ready to volunteer while getting the WMF award.
    • May have other funds open for their education, but will unable to go to school without the grants


  • Developing countries arround the world.


  • To apply for an Empowerment Through Education (ETE) program, you must present the full form through an online application portal (preferred method) or postal mail to a Foundation’s office. The 2019 Empowerment Through Education online form will be open from 1 December 2018 to 1 April 2019. It is necessary to visit an official site (link found below) to obtain the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

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